Electroformed Amethyst Stalactite

Electroformed Amethyst Stalactite

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Electroformed Amethyst Stalactite Necklace

Celebrate the beauty found in life’s rough edges.

This electroformed jewelry is handmade with a cross-sectional slice of amethyst stalactite, which is capped off with solid copper. The vintage-style satellite chain has an oxidized finish, and the length is adjustable with a matching amethyst tear drop that hangs sweetly from the end.

This listing is for one of a kind Electroformed Amethyst Stalactite.  Each Stalactite is on 18" up to 20" inches length of satellite copper chain chain.

These Slice of Amethyst Stalactite is originally from Uruguay, they are completely natural. Each of them been Electroformed in solid copper, with a oxidized finish.

I make individually all my Electroformed pieces, the process can take from 8 to 14 hours. The pendant is made through a process called electroforming which grows a coating of solid copper on the desired gemstone surface.

These pendant has a unique beauty. The size, shape or color of each stone might vary, they are all natural.

If this piece of my line is not exactly what you need, please check my other listings.